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A call to those with hearts that contain culture and knowledge, our arms are open to those who feel that they can contribute to the wealth and knowledge of our cause, to help us write about the Grandson of the Prophet, Imam Hussain (peace be upon him).

 At the Hussaini Centre for Research we are still in need of any information that can contribute with our cause, we are looking for any new articles, books, magazines, pictures or anything else that could help this study. If you have any information which you feel could be vital to the Hussaini Encyclopedia, then please do not hesitate to contact The Hussaini Centre for Research and forward this information through either of the following methods:


 Office:   0044 208 451 3055

 Fax:      0044 208 451 3055

 Mobile:  0044 786 229 6910

Email: EnglishAdamEmail

Postal address: 45 Peter Avenue, London, NW10 2DD, UK.




Appeal for Information

Opportunity to be part of the Hussaini Encyclopedia

Have you written an article on Imam Hussain? Do you have a poem about Imam Hussain? Do you have any projects, books or ideas relating to Imam Hussain? Can you answer “yes” to any of these questions? Then please send us your work, we will publish it on our website and possibly publish it in the Hussaini Encyclopedia.

If you send an article, please send us the following information along with your work –

1. Name

2. Father’s Name

3. Place of Birth

4. Date of Birth (If sending a poem)*

5. Picture (Preferred with a white/light background)


help Want to write a review for a book?

We are searching globally for scholars, lecturers, teachers and religious men of all religions to write articles about the Hussaini Encyclopedia. These will be published at the end of each volume of the Hussaini Encyclopedia and to be compiled in three sections, the first section is about the status of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and his greatness, the second section is about the Hussaini Encyclopedia as a whole, its achievements and uniqueness, finally the third section, and most important section is about the book which is being reviewed, evaluating it and expressing your opinion. The review is to be written in the native language of its author and to be between two and ten pages.

If you are interested please email us your CV, Also if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.



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